Imagine The Bad Effect of Drinking Beer and Addiction in Playing Poker

Avoiding addiction of drinking beer and playing poker is not easy at all because it looks like a trap that can’t release them at all. Addiction is like a ghost because you can’t see it but you can feel it. Somehow, people know if they are addicted to playing situs poker88 but they don’t want to admit it at all because they don’t want other people think that they are sick and also mad of gambling. However, deep inside their hearts, they already know and feel that they are addicted to it but they can’t stop and they follow their passion and also will to win the game and keep playing.

Avoiding Addiction of Drinking Beer and Playing Poker by Visualizing The Future

If you are ashamed to admit that you get addicted to playing poker, then you need to overcome addiction by yourself. You need to have the better ideas to keep playing in safe environment and safe condition so you can focus on the game to win without experiencing cravings for gambling more and more. Actually, you are served with so many healthy ways to get rid of the cravings and addiction but you can still play the game and gamble. Quitting gambling is not the answer for you.

If you stay away from gambling because you don’t want to get addicted, then it is the wrong way. Once you play it again after so long, you can’t stop because it feels like you meet new friends after long time. You are more engaged to this game without knowing how to stop and this is not what you want. Staying away from the favorite thing forever can make your addiction worse when you play again. That is why, you can play in normal way by doing one thing such as:

  1. Visualize and imagine the result if you gamble without taking a break

Before gambling and playing the game, you need to think far away about your feeling if you lose all money and your money is gone. If you lose much money, you will be sad for sure and you might think that you have nothing left in your wallet. You must be disappointed with yourself and perhaps, you will regret it so much because you just play and never think about the risk or the future. If you lose much money due to addiction, what happens with your family, what happens with your life and the future? That is why, you have to think better and smarter to gamble without a risk. Once you get addiction to play situs poker88 on, the victim is not only for you but the whole families and other people too.

Imagine the result first if you lose the game of drinking beer and playing poker so you can play smarter and save your money before using them all in one game and play without knowing how to stop.